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I'm Lucille Pillay, founder of LEO Management Consulting based in Durban, South Africa.  My career takes me back to 2002 as a Software Engineer where I developed software products in the Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing and Logistics industries. 


After 7 years of designing front-end user interfaces and writing code to interact with the databases of ERP systems, I was curious to know the impact that software products were having on customers.  I shifted to Business Analysis to get a better feel of customer needs and business processes.  My love for both technology and business allowed me to lead several software implementations and change management programmes both locally and internationally. 


My inspiration comes from my network of mentors, thought leaders and business professionals that I surround myself with daily, but off course,  having a strong support system is what keeps me grounded.   That system is none other than my awesome family which includes my two dogs that show the positive impact that animals have on our daily lives.


Well to cut a long story short, Leo is the name of one my dogs :)  He was the first of four dogs that graced our family home.  He isn't with us now, but was certainly a part of my studies, work, our nature trails, beach walks, family gatherings, and just about everything.  Hence, LEO (Leading the Evolution of Organisations), was born.

In my 20 years of exposure to software product development, I have gained strength in aligning technology with business needs.  I've witnessed the evolution of technology and the rate at which organizations are trying to keep up. In the last 5 years alone, I've seen a rapid increase in companies wanting to digitize and evolve their business by incorporating AI, machine learning, and cloud platforms.  However, the focus has still been on technology without a broader understanding of the business ecosystem and end-to-end value delivered by the business.  I thus started LEO Management Consulting to place a strategic lens to business analysis.  My core focus is to introduce Business Architecture to organizations to drive digital transformation by ensuring that IT initiatives are aligned to the value propositions offered to customers.

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